SwimFin designed to aid swim lessons, add safety

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SwimFin, designed by a highly qualified UK swimming coach with over 30 years experience, is a vertical aid for teaching children to swim and is suitable for use with children from 2 years of age, and of all abilities.

SwimFin can be used while performing all four swim strokes and is the only aid to have been endorsed by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). The company has partnered with leading organizations around the globe including the RLSS (Royal Life Saving Society) in the UK where the focus is on drowning prevention and water safety.

Because the SwimFin is worn on a child’s back, it works in harmony with the body providing total freedom so that arms and legs are able to utilize natural swimming positions.

Children find the shark element appealing so it encourages them to enter the water, and parents will appreciate that it won’t slip off or tip over. Tests have proven it can reduce the learning process by as much as one third. And of course, parents can more easily keep an eye on their child as the fins are highly visible in a busy pool or at the beach.

For more information call  01244 398692 or visit www.swimfin.co.uk.

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