Crescent Womb launches infant bed to provide sleeping safety

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The recently introduced Crescent Womb® infant safety bed is designed to provide healthy physical development for infants. It features a unique patented design inspired by nature and ergonomically engineered to ease the transition from womb to world. Crescent Womb® mimics a mother’s natural womb-like embrace while reducing environmental risk factors associated with SIDS cases.

The bed was created by a young first-time father, James Spencer, who worried about his daughter’s safety while sleeping. Not satisfied with products on the market, “I sought another solution, a hammock-like design that promotes air flow and circulation, while also naturally supporting an infant to encourage self-soothing” says Spencer.

The suspended hammock-like design of Crescent Womb allows an infant the natural support needed so a baby feels safely held and can self-soothe themselves back to sleep. By introducing a flexible, breathable mesh that mimics the womb, it also reduces the risk of overheating, a leading factor in most SIDS cases.

Available in five colors, the Crescent Womb can be folded to the size of the baby blanket. It can also be adjusted so that the foot is 30 percent lower than the top, helping to reduce reflux issues.

For more information call 727/ 798-8128 or visit

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