Brushies is first finger puppet toothbrush makes brushing fun

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Two doctor moms faced with dental hygiene issues with their own children created The Brushies, the world’s first finger puppet toothbrush for infants and toddlers. The book and puppet system help kids establish a healthy habit for life.

Dr. Hilary Fritsch says that it was while watching her youngest child happily chomp on finger puppets that the lightbulb went off. Her children are proof that The Brushies can change the struggle of getting kids to care for their teeth—they now proudly brush and floss every day.

Dr. Colleen Crowley, a psychologist, drew on her extensive child development expertise and the playful approach she uses at home with her children to shape the theory and personality of the Brushies. Her goal is to help parents get their silly on at just the right time in a child’s life.

The founders agree Brushies should be introduced at 4 weeks and the playful nature of using Brushies should jump start healthy dental hygiene habits. Four characters in different colors are available individually and as sets with The Brushies book. The Brushies gift set includes all four Brushies as well as the book.

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