Douglas Co. Inc. adds gift sets

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Soft toy maker and lifestyle gift creator Douglas Company has added new gift ensembles to its array of baby gift sets. Sweet Little Pink Elephant, Gentle Little Monkey, and Little Spotted Giraffe join the lineup.

Sweet Little Pink Elephant features sleepy time eyes and soft white accents. The seven-piece set includes a 10” Pink Elephant Lil’ Sshlumpie™ Teeter Blankie, a 7” Pink Elephant Rattle, a 13” long Pink Elephant Musical, a 19” Pink Elephant Sshlumpie™, a 10” Pink.Elephant Plumpie, a 13” square Pink Elephant Snuggler and a 6” square Pink Elephant Activity Book.

Gentle Little Monkey in caramel brown with tan accents has a hint of green embroidery and some blue and white cording throughout. The five pieces in this collection include a 7” Monkey Rattle, a 10” Monkey Plumpie, a 13” square Monkey Snuggler, a 19” Monkey Sshlumpie™ and a 6” square Monkey Activity Book.

Little Spotted Giraffe, a light yellowish tan with a darker shade for spots, features a five-piece collection that includes a 7” Spotted Giraffe Rattle, a 10” Spotted Giraffe Plumpie, a 13” square Spotted Giraffe Snuggler, a 19” Spotted Giraffe Sshlumpie™ and a 10” Spotted Giraffe Lil’ Sshlumpie™ Teether Blankie.

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