Tranquilo Mat soothes baby anywhere with gentle vibration

The Tranquilo Mat provides the comfort of vibrations with white noise that offer the reassurance of the womb. The mat’s vibrations activate the baby’s calming response by mimicking what is experienced in the womb. The mat is easy to use during naps or bedtime, as well as during mid-day meltdowns; it is also especially good for colicky babies.

While the large mat provides hands-free soothing when placed under a baby on top of a mattress, hard surface, or activity gym, the small mat is portable and can be used with a car seat, placed over the baby’s lap after the baby is properly buckled in. The small mat also allows soothing of an infant in the caretaker’s arms, in a carrier, or in a wrap.

There are three levels of vibration that can be customized to a baby’s needs. Two heartbeat modes provide waves of sounds and motion similar to what a baby experienced in the womb. Battery operated and cord-free, Tranquilo Mat provides up to 60 hours of soothing vibrations depending on size and setting.

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