Baby Comfy Hydrator designed to keep kids safely hydrated

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Baby Comfy Hydrator was developed by Elise and Peter Champe to combine the best features of a sippy cup and a syringe. With a 2.5 oz. capacity, it’s a little larger than a medicine syringe and it has a sippy cup mouthpiece to provide a smooth, familiar drinking tip for a child. But the Baby Comfy Hydrator has a much smaller volume than standard sippy cups, which are generally 8-12 oz.

When a child becomes lethargic due to initial stage dehydration, it is simply not adequate to hand them a sippy cup or a Pedialyte pop and expect them to hydrate themselves. At this point, intervention by a caregiver is necessary and the Hydrator is the best tool to deliver limited and measured amounts of fluid. When the child is feeling better, he or she can use the hydrator for self-soothing while the caregiver can rest assured that the child is not getting too much fluid too quickly.

The hydrator is designed with large, easily-legible graduations that won’t wear off and dolphin features just for fun.  The durable unit is BPA and phthalate free.

For more information call 303/ 241-8115 or visit

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