Primo’s LapBaby holds infant safely on adult lap hands-free

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Parents can hold their baby safely on their lap while freely using both hands to eat, play, and engage with PRIMO’s LapBaby Seating Aid. The LapBaby is ideal for safely holding a seated baby during airplane flights while eating, or when using the computer. Wheelchair-bound adults can safely hold infants on their laps. In addition, LapBaby allows parents to have simultaneous interaction with older children while holding a baby on their lap. The soft fabric is washable. 

The detachable, waterproof LapBib catches crumbs and unexpected spills to keep both baby and parent clean. A toy/pacifier tether keeps accessories available for baby’s enjoyment without dropping them on the floor.

LapBaby is designed for infants ages 3 months and up who can hold their head up unassisted. LapBaby weighs less than 1 lb. and includes a cloth carrying case. It fits parent’s waist sizes up to 54 inches. 

For more information call 973/ 926-5900 or visit 

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