Deepy Deepy answers problem of keeping pacifiers clean, handy

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While caring for a baby, a parent’s priority is centered around creating and providing a safe, healthy environment for the child. A pacifier can be a parent’s best friend. However, pacifiers often end up on a dirty floor which means the caregiver has to find a clean one or quickly sterilize the dirty one.

The Pacifier Bracelet and Stroller/Car Seat Holder were created to provide a germ-free solution to this problem. The comfortable, one-size-fits-all bracelet allows the parent to always have a clean pacifier available and provides a convenient way to keep a pacifier when it’s not in use. A twist and lock feature keeps the pacifier securely in place, and it can also be attached to diaper bags, strollers, and car seats, for convenient storage and access. Designed to fit most 0-6 month pacifiers, the case opens easily from the bottom for cleaning.

Also available are pacifier nipple protectors which work with other Deepy Deepy products and separately so that a covered pacifier can easily be thrown into a diaper bag or stored elsewhere. For more information call  516/ 860.4007 or visit

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