BottomZz Up® Let’s get this potty started!®

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Traditional potty training can be time-consuming, messy, expensive, and stressful. Parents can save their sanity, their money, and the environment with the revolutionary NEW potty training system from BottomZz Up!

BottomZz Up potty training philosophy is centered around consistency, encouragement, participation & celebration. Putting kids in underwear all day long & then putting them in a diaper at night causes chaos & confusion. BottomZz Up gives kids and parents consistency and a clear path to follow.

Key to the BottomZzup plan is that it allows the child to feel the discomfort of being “wet” which other training systems do not.

BottomZz Up allows parents to potty train at home or on-the-go, and during the day and at night. Children are 100% potty trained when they complete the program. Founder Lynn Tilker says that no extra steps involved. “That’s what we call a potty success!” she says.

The BottomZzup philosophy is simple: be consistent and be positive. The proprietary design of the company’s 100% cotton potty training underwear does the rest, leaving parents to cheer for their child with no annoying mess to clean up. In fact, if you follow the BottomZz Up program consistently, BottomZz Up can cut your child’s potty training time by half.

Complete Starter Kit Includes three pairs of reusable BottomZz Up Underwear, six absorbent inserts, one washable travel bag, one colorful reward chart, one month supply of stickers and a graduation certificate.

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