Kizingo supports early controlled eating

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KIZINGO toddler spoons’ patent-pending design is curved to easily fit into a toddler’s hands and work with the way they eat to make self-feeding less frustrating and more successful. Designed by moms who are also nutrition experts, KIZINGO spoons incorporate a curve that creates a more kid-friendly feeding utensil. The name Kizingo comes from the Swahili which means “curved.”

The unusual spoons, available in 10 eye-catching and fun colors, are designed for use by children from 9 months to 4 years of age. Their design includes a thumb depression to encourage proper grip development; a short, wide handle that provides stability and moves the bowl of the spoon closer to the hand for more control; a shallow bowl for age-appropriate portion-size bites and supports proper lip closure, and a dip and curve so the bowl curves to face the child so food is easily in the correct position for eating.

Successful self-feeding is associated with long-term health benefits, including healthy dietary habits and reduced excessive weight gain. Made in the USA, KIZINGO toddler spoons meet the highest quality safety standards and are BPA-, PVC-, lead-, and phthalate-free.

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