Deki product turns stroller into rocker

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Deki BabyBalanZ is an automatic, lightweight, and easy to use rocker for strollers. Developed in Spain, BabyBalanZ is a portable device that turns any stroller into an automatic baby rocker, thus allowing a caregiver doing other tasks. Just attach the BalanZ to a stroller’s front wheel and hit the “on” switch (actually, two “on” switches are designed for safety).

The rocker’s 40 RPM motor gently moves the stroller back and forth in place. The device’s movement simulates an adult’s heartbeats and helps calm a baby. Designed for babies up to 18 months (or 28 lbs.), BabyBalanZ fits almost every stroller on the market, and at a 3.3 lbs. it’s easily transported to the park or grandma’s house. The battery is reported to last up to three hours between charges; colored LEDs on the side indicate how much power is left. Its also has a discreet and contemporary design that fits perfectly with the line of your buggy.

The rounded and smooth shapes additionally ensure safety.

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