Baby Bee Hummingbirds offers kits for preserving memories

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Baby Bee Hummingbirds, founded in by Amy McGlade, began as a way to mix her two skills: midwifery and art. Today the company offers do-it-yourself kits so that mothers can preserve their breast milk or a baby’s hair in a crystal pendant, earring, or ring.

“Each & every piece of breast milk and keepsake jewelry is a truly unique and individual creation of wearable art,” says McGlade. The Australia-based company is offering kits to the United States market.
According to the company breast milk (5 ml) is preserved with its 100% natural and organic elements. Once preserved the breast milk is transformed to a stable “Milky Mumma Magic Dust” perfect for setting in Little Windows – Brilliant Resin©. The jewelry pieces can be crafted to include shimmers, flecks, and micas. There is generally enough Milky Mumma Magic Dust for two or three additional pieces of jewelry.

Mothers can also incorporate a baby’s stump, placenta pill, curl, or any other dry substance with the Milky Mumma Magic Dust.

For more information call 61 422 765 996 or visit

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