Blu Pony Vintage salutes fashions from another age

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Blu Pony Vintage takes a fundamental approach to children’s apparel manufacturing. “We make it local, make it with care and detail, and keep our wholesome integrity,” according to Bonnie Matthews, founder, and designer. Inspired by vintages children’s clothing from the 1920’s and 30’s, Blu Pony reproduces children’s garments with the same look and feel of that roaring time. 


The company focuses on an era of manufacturing when items made were to be handed down for generations. ”We make vintage-inspired girl’s dresses and inspire a vintage lifestyle of innocence and adventure,” Matthews says. As a young girl, she helped her family build a three-story log home in the Pacific Northwest, but she wasn’t all country. Her mother fostered her interest in arts and fashion with trips to Seattle and San Francisco. “My parents had an eye for detail and quality and those standards have always been a part of me and my endeavors,” she adds.


Matthews collects vintage pieces for inspiration and reference when designing each collection. “We believe in honoring a child’s youth and innocence and keeping the designs sweet and elegant,” she reports. The company uses the best fabrics, finest lace, and natural trims. Fabrics include 100% cotton and designs often include hand embroidery.

Apparel for babies and toddlers ranges from size 3M to 2T and includes jumpers, coveralls, dresses, and more. Girls’ clothing ranges in size from 2T-14 and includes dresses, tops, skirts, coats, and accessories.

For information call 844/ BLU PONY or visit

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