ABC Roundup 2016

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Each year the ABC Kids Expo attracts hundred of exhibitors and new products to the biggest show in the United States for children’s products. Below is just a small selection of the companies and products represented at this year’s ABC Kids Expo.

American Made Brand

Launches Baby Bedding Collection

American Made Brand recently introduced its American Made Brand Baby Bedding Collection. The adorable modern and classic quilts, comforters, and crib bedding are designed to be a wonderful addition to any baby’s room.

This introductory collection features uniquely designed quilts and coordinates that exclusively use American Made Brand’s Cotton Solid fabric. The company reports that these are the only fabrics of this quality that are entirely sourced and manufactured in the United States: the fabrics are not only made here; the cotton from which it’s made is grown here. The Upland Cotton used throughout is incredibly soft and only gets softer with each washing.

In addition, American Made Brand has partnered with a soft goods manufacturer who is bringing sewing jobs back to the country. All the products are handcrafted in the US by skilled artisans with love and pride.

“We saw the opportunity to bring a fresh design approach to the baby bedding category that is both modern, with the use of solid fabrics, but also pays homage to the roots of classic quilting with hand piecing and applique. We think your customer will truly appreciate the care and concern we put into every piece,” says Bekki Kimbrough.

For more information call or visit

BabyCloud designed
to help break a fall
BabyCloud is a new inflatable safety device that surrounds a baby’s crib or toddler bed to prevent injuries if the child climbs or falls out. Designed to hold a standard sized crib, BabyCloud does allow for some degree of customization in size and fit to a crib due to the fact that all eight sections include a valve to allow separate inflation. Because of this, large sections can be deflated so the product can fit next to walls and other obstacles.
In addition to the inflatable cushions on the sides, BabyCloud includes an internal mat used to hold the cushiony protective device together. A special glow strip makes it more visible in a dark room, helpful since parents and children will probably interact with BabyCloud in the dark. 
A special sensor pocket contains a remote-controlled vibration sensing alarm that allows the BabyCloud to alert a caregiver when a child falls onto any part of the inflated cushions.
Easily inflated, BabyCloud also deflates easily and can be stored or transported. Built-in ties keep the deflated device tidy.
The BabyCloud can be found in the Invention Connection at the ABC Kids Expo. 
For more information call 00 44 797 1975 108 or visit
BabyDam creates
bathing space in tub
BabyDam, popular in Europe for several years, has been redesigned to fit tubs in the United States. Designed to help save water, time, energy, and money, it is a watertight divider to be placed in the tub to create a smaller more comfortable space for a little one’s bathtime.
In addition to creating a child’s smaller bath space, BabyDam is easy to fit anywhere in the bathtub. It is also removable.
For more information call 800/ 315-3039 or visit
Baby Fun Shade provides
sun protection for infants
Invented by Lori Granieri of Kabana Kids, the Baby Fun Shade provides a combination shade system and activity gym. The patent-pending portable beach mat, umbrella, and gym can be easily transported in the included carrying case. The case also includes room for other essentials and can be converted from a tote, over-the-shoulder bag, or as a backpack.
The umbrella easily snaps into one of two positions and the base of the umbrella includes a stake for use on sand as well as tripod stand for hard surfaces. In addition, five Sea Friends toys are included as well as plastic rings and straps for hanging the toys from inside the umbrella canopy.
Look for this product at the Invention Connection at the ABC Kid’s Expo. For more information call 805/ 746-5933 or visit
Britax releases 2017
B-Ready Stroller 
Britax recently announced the release of the 2017 B-Ready Stroller, available last month, which offers 12 seating options for infants and toddlers, as well as a large variety of accessories to create customized solutions for navigating family life.
A trusted juvenile products brand since 1939 when it was founded in Britain, Britax continues to research new and innovative child safety and convenience products, particularly high-quality strollers and stroller accessories, including the new B-Ready model
Accessories available for the B-Ready include a bassinet and a lower second seat for a growing family, as well as a lower infant car seat adapter for newer members of the family. Two B-Safe car seats are available.
Functional updates include foam-filled (puncture free) rubber tires and an enhanced suspension system, a four-position reclining action, and an adjustable footrest. A linked parking brake has been added to ensure safety, including red and green indicators that lock both rear wheels with a single step.  
Also included featured is a padded, adjustable stroller handle and expandable under-seat, extra-large storage basket with a front access panel so it is accessible from all sides, as well as an oversized canopy offering UPF 50+ sun protection.
The B-Ready features a compact fold with two stroller seats attached, according to the company. It accommodates children from birth when using the Britax infant car seats, bassinet, or second seat and the B-Ready top seat can be used from at least 6 months old up to 55 lbs. Colors available include Peridot, Poppy, Capri, Mist, and Black. 
For more information call 888/ 427-4829 or visit
Bumpi adds soothing 
bumps to stroller ride
Bumpi was first created when its creator noticed that her child slept pretty well after a walk along the sidewalk so the stroller hit the sidewalk’s uneven breaks in a fairly routine way. The little rocking movement, she decided, was what caused her child to relax and sleep.
Realizing she could make a device that would allow her to create the same bumping pattern at home, a restaurant, or anywhere, led her to develop the Bumpi, a small, removable bump for a stroller.
A new, patent-pending solution, Bumpi simulates the imperfections of an evening stroll in an easy and modular way. A silicon bracelet with two magnets at its ends, the Bumpi is so simple to operate that it just straps around a stroller’s wheel and creates a small natural bump as the stroller moves.
For more information call 972/ 5228-23609 or visit
Carved Life creates
clothing with style
Carved Life is a clothing company based in Portland, Oregon featuring organic shirts and one piece rompers for babies and toddlers, as well as an assortment of recycled cards and coloring book made with 30 percent recycled materials. All the products bear adorable animal prints created by owner Stephanie Sperring. The shirts are printed with an environmentally friendly, water-based ink. 
Carved Life features artwork produced using a wood burning process and a print is then created and transferred to the company’s apparel.
Carved Life offers a range of clothing for babies and toddlers including short and long-sleeved one-piece rompers in sizes 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months.  
For more information call 503/ 380-0574 or visit
New lovie features
sleeping aid colors
Claessens’Kids recently introduced its new Kid’Sleep “My Dream” lovie, designed so that one of its two heads is always covered by the night/day coat. The little animal heads include a tired head for nighttime and a more alert looking one for daytime. If one presses on the back side of the head the unit glows, producing a comforting warm light. 
If the light is turned on and adjusted properly the sleeping face changes to a blue color. Meanwhile, the awake face changes to yellow based on settings the caregiver can make. 
The lovie joins Claessens’Kids other sleep aids such as a sleep training nightlight with alarm display, a Kid’Sleep lantern nightlight, and similar products.
For information call 312/ 458-9310 or visit
Copper Pearl offers
trendy baby bibs
Copper Pearl, founded by two stay-at-home moms, creates custom and unique baby accessories that are trendy and fashion-forward. The company’s baby bandana bibs are stylish drool bibs made of 100 percent absorbent cotton on the front and 100 percent polyester fleece on the back, designed to keep even the drooliest babies dry. 
Available in a number of colors and prints, bib sets also carry themes such as Archer, Aztec, Cruise, Pacific, and Willow. The bandana bibs are adjustable to fit newborns and toddlers ranging from 3-36 months.
Also available are blankets for swaddling, bamboo washcloths, woven cotton crib sheets, and woven cotton changing pad covers.
For more information call 832/797-4890 or visit
Gertie the Good Goose
is rubber teether, toy
Gertie the Good Goose came to life as the result of The Original Toy Corp.’s recognition for the need for 100% safe, all-natural baby toys. Gertie has been expertly sized to fit perfectly in babies’ hands and to soothe tender gums. Gertie has a lovely quack (more of a squeak) and is soft to the touch, has a slight vanilla scent, and features contrasting colors for a quick and easy visual focus. Gertie is soft and light, and the simple contours make her incredibly easy for an infant to grasp and manipulate freely. Gertie the Good Goose is a natural rubber teething toy.
In addition, Gertie the Goose makes an appearance in a children’s book by Jane Wood and illustrator Jen Mundy. Gertie the Goose Goes on a Play Date features Gertie and other fun characters dealing with the discovery of being invited to a friends house for dinner.
For more information call 905/ 693-0333 or visit
Hedgehog swaddle 
from SwaddleDesigns
SwaddleDesigns’ recently introduced its cheerful Hedgehog design in boutique-quality 100 percent cotton muslin that gets softer with every wash. The blanket features hand-sketched art by designer Lynette Damir. The open weave increases breathability and reduces the risk of overheating. The generous size (46-in.x46-in.), square shape, and helpful labels make swaddling easy.
In addition to the SwaddleDesigns Hedgehog muslin swaddle blanket available in a silver gift box, new introductions include a new Hedgehog luxe blanket made of four layers of soft premium cotton muslin and reversible for multiple uses.
The 123 Swaddle® label sewn to the edge of the blanket is a cute how-to-swaddle graphic that helps new parents learn how to create a secure swaddle. The SwaddleClub label provides easy access to free white noise, short baby care videos, and safe sleep information to help parents learn how to calm and comfort their baby.
SwaddleDesigns cotton muslin is pre-washed to maximize softness and the premium cotton yarns increase durability and minimize pilling. The blanket can be used as a sunshield, playmat for tummy time, privacy throw when breastfeeding, and more. 
For information call 206/ 525-0400 or visit
Kidco®’s SwingPod™
swaddles, swings
KIdco® recently introduced the SwingPod™ which, like most great inventions, was born out of necessity.  According to the company, a father, desperate for a way to calm his fussy baby, came up with an idea to combine swaddling and swinging to calm the baby.  Rave reviews from friends and family prompted him to team up with KidCo® to bring his design to the market.  
Soft material in this patented design gently lulls infants to sleep and calms colicky babies.  Easily packable for travel, it is available in a soft gray chevron pattern.
Family-owned and -operated for over 20 years, KidCo® became the first company to introduce metal safety gates in the United States in 1994, and today offers a complete line of safety gates. The company also offers a comprehensive assortment of child home safety products, including bed rails, cabinet locks/latches, furniture/tv straps, as well as a line of travel and outdoor gear that is lightweight and compact.
For more information call 800/ 552-5529 or visit
Joovy introduces
Room nursery center
Joovy has launched its “Room” nursery center play yard, designed to provide space for diaper changes, sleep, and playtime. Set-up for the full-featured nursery center takes less than 15 minutes.
The removable bassinet, set at a comfortable height for parents to reach the infant, is designed for newborns and a waterproof fitted sheet protects the mattress. When an infant reaches 15 pounds, the bassinet can be removed to provide a full-featured play yard. Two wheels make it easy to move the play yard around the room or house.
The changing table flips up and down when needed, and the diaper station has plenty of space for diapers, wipes, and nursery essentials. The Room works well in a nursery, as a secondary nursery center in another room in the house, or, if space is tight, it can serve as the sole nursery center. Grandparents will find it provides all their needs when a grandbaby stays over.
For more information call 877/ 456-5049, or visit
leg warmers, themed 
apparel from juDanzy 
juDanzy, formerly known as My Little Legs, is dedicated to providing irresistible, high-quality seasonal collections for boys and girls. One-piece rompers and dressy diaper covers are available for newborns through 18 months, white tee shirts, pants, dresses, and more are available for children from 2T through 5T. Themes range from urban and wild collections to big city girl and big bear.
Boys will be especially dapper in the Dapper Dude collection. This seasons’ collection includes trendy new looks in Buffalo plaids, tweeds, and festive bow ties guaranteed to have little guys dressed in style.  
The company’s signature leg warmer collection makes diaper changing convenient while protecting little knees. This season’s styles range from standard, to ruffle cuffs and ruched.  Also available is a line of super soft, natural organic leg warmers for both boys and girls.  
juDanzy shoes include two models, Co-zy Soles, perfect for pre-walkers, and Flex-zy Soles, designed for baby’s first steps. The shoes mimic the natural flexibility of the foot and the super soft lining ensures a comfortable and secure fit.
For more information call us at 855/ 583-2699 or visit
Larktale introduces
two new strollers 
Larktale, founded in Australia, recently introduced two new stroller models, the Coast and the Chit Chat.  The Coast™ weighs 21.2 pounds and can carry a child up to 55 pounds, as well as an additional 2.2 pounds in the pocket on the back seat., and 6.6 pounds in the stroller’s basket.
Featuring a proprietary folding mechanism and a lightweight aluminum frame, the Coast is easy to maneuver. It is available in seven colors.
The Chit Chat™ stroller sports a colored Spaceframe™ construction made from recyclable fiber-infused nylon for a stylish and environmentally-conscious stroller. It also features an ergonomic design.
The Larktale Chit Chat™ weighs 14.6 pounds and can support 38.6 lbs in the basket. Appropriate for children from six months to over three years old, the stroller is available in six colors.
For more information call 614 0526 0415 or visit
Mama & Little offers
stylish teething jewelry
Mama & Little modern, safe, stylish, and trend-setting silicone teething necklaces and bracelets for mothers to love wearing while holding their babies close to heart. The multi-functional jewelry allows mothers to comfort and soothe their babies while nursing and during teething stages. 
Launched in 2014, the jewelry line takes a fresh approach to silicone teething jewelry offering on-trend styles and colors combined with pricing to fit new mother budgets and safe for children to touch, tug, and teeth on. The exposed cord along the neck means there are no beads to catch mom’s hair. Necklaces, bracelets, and sets are available.
For more information call 714/ 955-1132 or visit
Marcus & Marcus 
offers silicone products
Marcus & Marcus’ is introducing a rocket-themed feeding spoon dispenser that is soft-edged to protect a baby’s tender gums and dispense one bite at a time. The food-grade silicone container holds up to 3 oz. of baby food and can be safely warmed directly with hot water or in a microwave oven.
A hygienic stand-up base allows the dispensing spoon to stay upright and not touch surfaces when not in use. Marcus & Marcus’ products are all molded from food grade silicone and are BPA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free materials.
Developed by two parents who share a love for their children and unique modern designs, Marcus & Marcus was inspired with contemporary lifestyle in mind to make the company’s product line appealing to the parent’s sense of style. The bold, bright, and engaging colors keep a child engaged and interested.
The company offers the product for meal time, travel, play, and bath time. Gift sets are available.
For information call 905/ 604-9113 or visit
Naturepedic introduces
Verse children’s mattress
The Naturepedic Verse children’s mattress joins the brand’s other bedding products and provides ideal firm support for a growing child or teen combined with the safety of an organic mattress. Organic cotton filling (certified GOTS organic) provides cushioning and support in a luxurious top quilt that also includes non-GMO PLA (a corn-based bioplastic) for additional cushioning and comfort. 
Premium encased coils provide 7 inches of firm support and provide a cool and comfortable sleep with less chance of overheating or sweating.
The Verse is designed for safety without common allergens, glues, adhesives, and other questionable materials. Its intelligent organic design completely eliminates the need for flame retardant chemicals, and easily passes all federal flammability requirements. 
The Verse ships compressed and roll-packed for easy delivery and set up. For more information call 440/ 384-3033 or visit
USDA, NSF Certification
for Nature’s Baby 
Nature’s Baby Organics doesn’t make any product unless it contains at least 70 percent organic ingredients, and as a result, the company lives up to its name. 
Organic and/or minimally processed ingredients have an advantage when it comes to preventing skin irritation, reports Nature’s Baby Organics. This collection has been specifically developed by a mother whose concern about her children’s sensitive skin has been the motivation behind the creation of the company and its products.
Shampoo and body wash, conditioner and detangler, bubble bath, body care, and aromatherapy products comprise the collection. Coconut, pineapple, vanilla, lavender, and tangerine scents join a group of unscented products.
For information call 818/ 999-2229 or visit
Omniwipe® uses
family’s organic cleaner
Finding a wipe that combines strength with qualities needed for sensitive skin can be a challenge, and Omniwipe® allows a caregiver to combine their own all-natural, organic ingredients inside the wipe, offering an alternative to high-priced commercial wipes.
Omniwipe® features an easily visible re-usable dispenser with a pop-up design that works as well as any pre-filled container, according to the company. In addition, it keeps wipes moist for long periods. Omniwipe® comes in a large white or green container. Replacement rolls of wipes contain 150 wipes and carry a suggested manufacturer’s price of $2.50
For more information call 561/ 779-8615 or visit
Romp & Roost is
divisible for two 
A divided nest for play and rest, Romp and Roost is an oversized collapsible play yard, a single travel sleeper, and a dividable dual sleeper in one. Packaged in a compact bag with wheels, Romp and Roost is easy to transport and ready for travel. Removing the patented divider provides a spacious play area for multiple children or the perfect sleeping space for a larger child. With the divider in place, space becomes ideal for two toddlers or twins.
Whether together or separate, children can play or sleep in a practical, comfortable, and space-saving environment. Romp and Roost is a solution created by a mom of two little ones. The design allows children to play or sleep either together or separately in a practical, comfortable, and space-saving environment.
Available in more than one pattern, Romp and Roost features a translucent mesh side material that allows the caregiver to see the child or children.
For more information call 904/ 631-4578 or visit
Sock It To Me offers
fun, funky socks
Sock It to Me offers fun, funky socks featuring everything from ninjas and unicorns to hedgehogs. Children’s socks come in toddler crew, toddler knee high, as well as junior and youth crew, and knee high styles. \
Toddler socks have a non-slip silicone bottom to keep little ones from sliding around while the knee-high toddler sock is a great option for little ones that frequently kick off their socks.  
Made of soft cotton, polyester, and a touch of spandex, socks are designed to stay on the leg. 
Sock It to Me began with a tent at an outdoor market in 2004, a desk in a messy bedroom, and the courage to approach the company’s very first wholesale customer. Twelve years later, the company employs 40+ employees creating over 400 original designs and servicing over 4,000 wholesale accounts.
For information call 503/ 419-6428 or visit
Splashdown Trainer
offers music, noises
Splashy the Splashdown Trainer is a fun and interactive potty training aid designed to fit in the back of the toilet to engage a toddler each time he raises the seat. The hands-free approach to potty training was created so that once it is in place it can just be left there.
The Splashdown Trainer is easily cleaned and fits conveniently out of the way when the seat is down which allows others to make full use of the toilet. Use the self-adhesive material to place the Splashdown Trainer in place.
When the seat is raised, noises, music, and a voice engages little boys and encourages toddlers to “stand and go” with confidence.
For information call 512/ 650-3222 or visit
Tasty Clean designed
for cleaning on the go
Tasty Clean™ Natural Cleansing Wash is a solution for just this problem. Creator Jessia Gore notes that Tasty Clean was born after a tantrum began when a sucker fell in a public place. She determined there was a need for a safe and all-natural product that can be sprayed onto a germ infested sucker or similar object so that it could be returned to the child.
Tasty Clean is made with truly all-natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar as well as stevia and other compounds for a safe solution for cleaning when caretaker and child are away from home. The flavored cleansing spray can go anywhere and is completely safe to ingest. It contains no harsh chemicals, dyes, surfactants, or sugar. Tasty Clean is reported to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria with which it comes in contact.
The product is recommended for cleaning utensils, pacifiers, and bottles, but can also be used on sports items, musical instruments, and toys.
Made in America, Tasty Clean is available in a convenient travel-sized pen-shaped package, in both cherry and grape flavors. Additional available products include a refill bottle and a special cleaning kit which includes a microfiber wipe key chain and a jute bag for gift giving.For more information call 214/ 828-9995 or visit

Coats keep parent and 

child warm inside
The winter months can be difficult for parents of infants and younger toddlers, particularly when it comes to keeping both parent and child warm when out-and-about. 
Tasku Babi offers a specially tailored solution to help parents keep infants and young toddlers warm when out-and-about. The company’s series of comfortable warm coats feature the additional capability of holding far more inside than normal, with specific tailoring to allow an infant or young child to tag along inside.
The coats are convertible to be used as not only a ordinary garment but also as maternity coats and baby wearing coats. The coats utilize separate zippered inserts that allow the wearer to extend the size of the garment when carrying a child, before or after the birth. 
New this year is the 4-in-1 Whole Mama Coat + Back Carry Option featuring a front and back zipper, removable hoods for mother and baby, additional chest cover for mom, and multiple zippered panels on the front and back. The coat is available In sizes ranging from XS to XXXL, and colors include a deep blue, black, gray, and plum. The coat is rated for use at temperatures between 0° to 40°. Coats are also available for men in black and dark navy. The coats are meant to work in conjunction with a number of baby slings and carriers in various styles.
For more information call 917/ 960-3380 or visit
Vacucraft’s Green Baby
preserves, stores food
Vacucraft recently introduced its GREEN BABY, which it refers to as a safe and innovative food steamer coupled with vacuum sealed food preservation containers. The products are BPA-free, airtight, leak proof, and stain proof. Containers are microwave safe and stackable.
Vacucraft has created a solution to the problem of preserving natural and organic food by the creation of cost-effective vacuum sealed food preservation containers. Vacucraft storage containers preserve food and preserve a family’s money in the process. The company’s vacuum seal technology maintains food fresher for longer by extracting air that causes food to spoil.
Vacucraft’s Green Baby has been mentioned in a number of infant-oriented publications such as Babble, Baby Spot, and Project Nursery.
For information call 305/ 599-3001 or visit

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