Vacucraft’s Green Baby preserves, stores food

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Vacucraft recently introduced its GREEN BABY, which it refers to as a safe and innovative food steamer coupled with vacuum sealed food preservation containers. The products are BPA-free, airtight, leak-proof, and stain proof. Containers are microwave safe and stackable.

Vacucraft has created a solution to the problem of preserving natural and organic food by the creation of cost-effective vacuum sealed food preservation containers. Vacucraft storage containers preserve food and preserve a family’s money in the process. The company’s vacuum seal technology maintains food fresher for longer by extracting air that causes food to spoil.

Vacucraft’s Green Baby has been mentioned in a number of infant-oriented publications such as Babble, Baby Spot, and Project Nursery.

For information call 305/ 599-3001 or visit

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