Joovy introduces Room nursery center

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Joovy has launched its “Room” nursery center play yard, designed to provide space for diaper changes, sleep, and playtime. Set-up for the full-featured nursery center takes less than 15 minutes.

The removable bassinet, set at a comfortable height for parents to reach the infant, is designed for newborns and a waterproof fitted sheet protects the mattress. When an infant reaches 15 pounds, the bassinet can be removed to provide a full-featured play yard. Two wheels make it easy to move the play yard around the room or house.

The changing table flips up and down when needed, and the diaper station has plenty of space for diapers, wipes, and nursery essentials. The Room works well in a nursery, as a secondary nursery center in another room in the house, or, if space is tight, it can serve as the sole nursery center. Grandparents will find it provides all their needs when a grandbaby stays over.

For more information call 877/ 456-5049 or visit

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