Bumpi adds soothing bumps to stroller ride

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Bumpi adds soothing
bumps to stroller ride

Bumpi was first created when its creator noticed that her child slept pretty well after a walk along the sidewalk so the stroller hit the sidewalk’s uneven breaks in a fairly routine way. The little rocking movement, she decided, was what caused her child to relax and sleep.

Realizing she could make a device that would allow her to create the same bumping pattern at home, a restaurant, or anywhere, led her to develop the Bumpi, a small, removable bump for a stroller.

A new, patent pending solution, Bumpi simulates the imperfections of an evening stroll in an easy and modular way. A silicon bracelet with two magnets at its ends, the Bumpi is so simple to operate that it just straps around a stroller’s wheel and creates a small natural bump as the stroller moves.

For more information call 972/ 5228-23609 or visit www.mybumpi.com.

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