BabyCloud designed to help break a fall

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BabyCloud is a new inflatable safety device that surrounds a baby’s crib or toddler bed to prevent injuries if the child climbs or falls out. Designed to hold a standard sized crib, BabyCloud does allow for some degree of customization in size and fit a crib due to the fact that all eight sections include a valve to allow separate inflation. Because of this, large sections can be deflated so the product can fit next to walls and other obstacles.

In addition to the inflatable cushions on the sides, BabyCloud includes an internal mat used to hold the cushiony protective device together. A special glow strip makes it more visible in a dark room, helpful since parents and children will probably interact with BabyCloud in the dark.\

A special sensor pocket contains a remote-controlled vibration sensing alarm that allows the BabyCloud to alert a caregiver when a child falls onto any part of the inflated cushions.

Easily inflated, BabyCloud also deflates easily and can be stored or transported. Built-in ties keep the deflated device tidy.

The BabyCloud can be found in the Invention Connection at the ABC Kids Expo.

For more information call 00 44 797 1975 108 or visit

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