Coats keeps parent and and child warm inside

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The winter months can be difficult for parents of infants and younger toddlers, particularly when it comes to keeping both parent and child warm when out-and-about.

Tasku Babi offers a specially tailored solution to help parents keep infants and young toddlers warm when out-and-about. The company’s series of comfortable warm coats feature the additional capability of holding far more inside than normal, with specific tailoring to allow an infant or young child to tag along inside.

The coats are convertible to be used as not only a ordinary garment but also as maternity coats and baby wearing coats. The coats utilize separately zippered inserts that allow the wearer to extend the size of the garment when carrying a child, before or after the birth.

New this year is the 4-in-1 Whole Mama Coat + Back Carry Option featuring a front and back zipper, removable hoods for mother and baby, additional chest cover for mom, and multiple zippered panels on the front and back. The coat is available In sizes ranging from XS to XXXL, and colors include a deep blue, black, gray, and plum. The coat is rated for use at temperatures between 0° to 40°. Coats are also available for men in black and dark navy.

The coats are meant to work in conjunction with a number of baby slings and carriers in various styles.

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