Tasty Clean designed for cleaning on the go

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Tasty Clean™ Natural Cleansing Wash is a solution to just this problem. Creator Jessia Gore notes that Tasty Clean was born after a tantrum began when a sucker fell in a public place. She determined there was a need for a safe and all-natural product that can be sprayed onto a germ infested sucker or similar object so that it could be returned to the child.

Tasty Clean is made with truly all-natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar as well as stevia and other compounds for a safe solution for cleaning when caretaker and child are away from home. The flavored cleansing spray can go anywhere and is completely safe to ingest. It contains no harsh chemicals, dyes, surfactants, or sugar. Tasty Clean is reported to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria with which it comes in contact.

The product is recommended for cleaning utensils, pacifiers, and bottles, but can also be used on sports items, musical instruments, and toys.
Made in America, Tasty Clean is available in a convenient travel-sized pen-shaped package, in both cherry and grape flavors. Additional available products include a refill bottle and a special cleaning kit which includes a microfiber wipe key chain and a jute bag for gift giving.

For more information call 214/ 828-9995 or visit www.tastyclean.com.

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