PotSafe Designed For Kitchen Safety


DNM Engineering of Australia recently introduced Potsafe, a product to prevent children and elders from accidental tipping of stovetop saucepans. Potsafe is a preventative tool to minimise potentially serious burns to people when they have accidental contact with hot or boiling stovetop saucepan contents.

Potsafe is designed to prevent accidental burns when children are near a pan on a stovetop and the contents of a pan is spilled.

This product is designed for use in rural communities where open fires may be used, on boats and sea-going vessels, and in homes where adults and children may not be adequately aware of the dangers of hot pans.

The Potsafe product consists of from 1 to 3 rings (depending on needs) to match the burners that hold saucepans and prevent them from being tipped whilst allowing them to be lifted straight upward and off the stovetop, thus leaving the cooking process unhindered. According to the company, there is no other product on the market that offers the same level of prevention. While other safety devices are available, the saucepans can still be tipped over.

Potsafe is suitable for all ceramic, electric, and induction cooktops and stovetops.

The rings can swing back out of the way if needed or be easily unclipped or changed to a different size via spring steel clips which clip over the central support bar. The device is fitted to the cooking surface using suction feet connecting to the glass part of the cooktop only.
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For more information call 61404 206 346 or visit www.potsafe.com.


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