Copper Pearl Offers Custom Baby Accessories

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Copper Pearl creates custom and unique baby accessories that are both trendy and fashion-forward. We stand behind each of the products in our collection, delivering the highest quality fabrics and designs with a 100% money back guarantee.

Copper Pearl Baby Bandana Bibs are stylish drool bibs made of 100% absorbent cotton on the front and 100% polyester fleece on the back, keeping even the drooliest of babies completely dry. Each of our bandana bibs is adjustable in size to fit newborns and toddlers ranging from 3-36 months.

Copper Pearl Multi-use Covers are a versatile 3-in-1 product, designed to provide 360-degree coverage for nursing privacy, to protect baby from the elements as a car seat cover, and to act as a shopping cart cover. Made with the softest stretchy material, in modern shades and patterns, our Multi-use Cover is a must-have for parents– both breastfeeding moms and on-the-go dads!

Copper Pearl Blankets are designed to create the perfect swaddle. Made of premium knit, these soft blanket sets are lightweight and breathable, meaning your little one will stay comfy and cozy without overheating. The blankets’ large size means they grow with your child– from receiving blanket to toddler play mat. This is a must-have for every little one!

Necessary for any parent and an ideal gift for baby showers, add some Copper Pearl to your shopping cart today. For more information call 832/ 797-4890 or visit

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