Bumkins Travels Through a Warp Pipe And Rolls Out Vintage Nintendo Prints

Parents, get ready for some nostalgia coming to a high chair near you! Bumkins has partnered with Nintendo® to create a line of baby and kids products featuring Mario™, and characters from his world, alongside other classic Nintendo images.

Parents can give their kiddos’ dinnertime style a little 1-Up, decking them out in prints and products showcasing the beloved Super Mario™ characters and in-game-favorites such as Super Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, and even Goombas. Parents can also delight in seeing their little ones wearing prints inspired by Game Boy™and the iconic Nintendo controller from the original gaming system. Gamers and non-gamers alike will love the retro 8-bit style and the iconic images that are part of most Generation X and Millennial childhoods.

The product line is anchored by Bumkins’ award-winning SuperBib®, which will sport a total of eight different prints, sold in packs of two, and designed to fit children ages 6-24 months.  The Sleeved and Junior Bibs will offer three of those print options for older children.  Keeping floors covered from any mealtime melees, a waterproof Splat Mat will be available in a print as well.

In a departure from the dinner table, some of the prints will also be featured in Bumkins’ reusable Snack Bags in both small and large sizes, perfect for packing lunches, along with waterproof Wet Bags and Clear Front Travel Bags.

Finally, parents can start ‘em young with a selection of six different silicone teethers.  Four options represent the vintage pixelated Nintendo style, letting babies gnaw on Mario, a red Super Mushroom, a green Super Mushroom or a Goomba.  Two other styles offer a realistic Game Boy or the original NES™controller.

Products will be available for purchase in national retailers, as well as on Bumkins.com and Amazon.com in the US, beginning Fall 2016. For more information visit www.bumkins.com.

About Bumkins

Built upon the foundation of the company’s innovative All-in-One cloth diaper design, Bumkins’ product line has expanded from cloth diapers to include bibs, smocks, bags and many more products utilizing its signature soft, machine washable, waterproof fabric. The company’s bestselling SuperBib® exemplifies this material and has become the number one selling bib in America.

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