The Little Linen Company

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Founded in 1971 as Glenisa Layettes in Melbourne, Australia, The Little Linen Company today specializes in children’s bedding, blankets, muslin sheets, and more. The company’s Weegoamigo line, designed to turn up the give ability dial, focuses on designing and creating products for babies that defy the mainstream.

Weegoamigo features a new set of fun, fresh, and fabulous baby-oriented textiles that include cotton knitted blankets, printed muslin, crib airwrap items, cotton fitted sheets, muslin swaddle blankets. Patterns range from soft animals, stars, birds, and other nature-themed designs to solids, chevron prints, stripes, and bright geometric designs. Cute characters have been interpreted in crochet, pillow style, and knit toys to create more options.












Alison Wyers of The Little Linen Company reports there are “some amazingly gifty additional new lines” coming out in this assortment. She laughingly adds that due to the cuteness factor the company has been forced to increase booth security. The pre-packaged gift sets combine muslin and knit blankets with rattles and toys.

The Little Linen Company of Australia’s Weegoamigo products will be available at this year’s ABC Kids Show. Wyers cautions retailers to view the items early because “as soon as people see the stock they will want to grab it and then just give it away.”

For more information call 877/ 550-4441 or visit

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