PRIMO Charli Chair – is baby shower chair

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New from Primo is the Charli Chair, the first bathing product designed to keep a child safe and secure while bathing in a shower, which eliminates much of the drowning risk of conventional bathtubs for baby. 

The Charli Chair features a non-slip seat surface and rubber feet, corrosion-protected legs (zinc-treated steel making it waterproof and rust-resistant), a five-point adjustable safety harness, a two-position reclining seat, three height adjustment levels, a seat that easily drains preventing water buildup, and easy assembly. The chair tilts to a 30-degree angle for newborns and then a 45-degree angle when the child is able to sit up.

Suitable for newborns and babies up to 24 months or up to 2 ft. tall and 37 lbs., the Charli Chair is designed to be placed in a flat surfaced shower. It allows parents to use both hands as the baby is securely strapped in during use. The seat drain assures that the child is not exposed to waterborne bacteria and washes away any accidents the child may have.

The Charli Chair weighs 37 lbs. and carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $149.95.

For more information call 973/ 926-5900 or visit

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