My Baby’s Keeper Baby bodysuit secures baby toys, pacifiers

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My Baby’s Keeper bodysuit by Happy Baby, LLC is a patented bodysuit made of 100% organic cotton and designed to keep baby’s belongings securely attached. My Baby’s Keeper allows for the attachment of toys, pacifiers, and teethers directly to baby’s clothing, enabling baby to play with his/her belongings without parents worrying about sanitizing them when they have fallen to the ground—or just retrieving them endlessly.

Additionally, My Baby’s Keeper may help baby develop hand-eye coordination when the baby sees belongings attached to his/her clothing and attempts to reach for them over and over again.

My Baby’s Keeper bodysuits are available in four sizes ranging from 3 months to 12 months.  both fashionable and functional.  Babies can wear My Baby’s Keeper bodysuits even when not utilizing the “keeper” feature since the opening is simply part of the design. 

Available in short- and long-sleeved versions and a variety of patterns/colors,  My Baby’s Keeper carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $16.

For more information call 203/ 823-2959 or visit

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