Lemon Vines offers Baltic amber jewelry

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Baltic amber, formed more than 45 million years ago, has been valued and made into fine jewelry for centuries. An organic substance, Baltic amber is a “fossil resin” produced by pine trees in the Baltic Sea regions of Northern Europe.

Amber has been attributed with healing properties and used for medicinal purposes in many cultures. Wearing amber close to the skin is a traditional global remedy for teething, arthritis, stress, anxiety, and localized pain. Non-porous, amber can be worn during bathing. It can be washed with mild soap, rinsed, and towel dried.

For teething babies, amber’s healing properties are said to reduce inflammation and calm an infant. Lemon Vines necklace beads are softly rounded shapes and necklaces feature a pop safety break-away clasp. Beads are individually knotted onto the necklace, to ensure safety for babies and children.

Lemon Vines’ amber is certified AAA+ in quality and contains 8% succinic acid. As the jewelry is warmed by the skin, it releases the succinic acid. Necklaces are available in polished and unpolished versions.

For more information call 630/ 625-2207 or visit www.lemonvines.com.

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