Pals Socks pairs different partners to show that ‘unlike’ can be friends

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It’s fun to be friends with someone different from you—that’s the premise of company’s founders. And that’s why Pals Socks come mismatched as 2 unlikely sets of friends. You’ll find polar bears paired with penguins, flamingos paired with an alligator, a bear, and a bee. 

For ages 1-8, colorful styles come in sets like T-rex & triceratops, Earth robot & space robot or dragon & unicorn. Infant socks and baby booties are also available Colors range from the brightest hues to the natural colors found on many animals.

Styles come as single pairs or in 3-pack boxes with 5 pairs/boxes per case pack. Retailers who order one of each style are eligible for a complimentary counter display.

For more information call 347/ 763-0074 or visit

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