Educational Sessions, Tradeshow Awaits Retailers At ABC 2016 Spring Educational Conference

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Educational Sessions, Tradeshow Awaits Retailers
At ABC 2016 Spring Educational Conference

Scheduled May 10-12 at the Tampa Convention Center is the 8th annual Spring Educational Conference and Trade Show. Retailers will have the opportunity to learn about next level digital marketing strategies and the cost of dead inventory.

A welcome reception is being held on the the Riverwalk at the convention center, while an industry networking reception will be held on Wednesday at the Florida Aquarium. A trade show featuring more than 80 exhibitors is scheduled from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. on Wednesday and from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on Thursday.

Wednesday morning’s keynote speaker, Bob Phibbs, the “Retail Doctor,” will address retailers on the theme “You Can Compete!” Phibbs says retail sales isn’t that hard to perfect—”it comes down to having the right people and the right product for your customer.”

In his interactive keynote, Phibbs will show attendees how to increase their sales by 10%, 20%, even 50% within six months, and recapture lost profits from their competitors. The presentation is designed to help retailers discover how to attract better employees and how to recognize the largest group of potential customers they’ve been ignoring. ‘Price doesn’t make something a good value, people do, and the experience in your store is the amusement park, and the products are just the souvenirs,” he says.

Phibbs will also address “The Difficult Conversation” and get the problems baby retailers are feeling out in the open and analyze why brick and mortar stores’ prominence for consumers is declining and offer solutions.

Tom Shay, a fourth-generation small business owner, will offer a presentation of the “nuts and bolts” necessary to improve the operation and profitability of their businesses. Shay has authored 11 books on small business management and a college textbook on small business accounting and business planning. His presentation is titled “Small businesses don’t die, they just commit suicide.”

Businesses with many years of experience are not immune to this problem. Shay will also address the cost of dead inventory. Utilizing a free calculator on the Profits Plus website, this session will show retailers how to calculate just how much it is costing to be hold onto dead inventory. He will also share ideas about ways to get rid of this dead inventory.

Brian Patterson, a partner and co-founder of Go Fish Digital, has over 10 years of digital marketing experience. With a track record that includes working with some of the world largest organizations and top websites, Patterson will address whether having a great website being on Facebook and Twitter is “enough to move the needle.” He will offer strategies to help a company capture more online visitors and look toward the trends coming in the next year.

In addition to events designed exclusively for retailers, there is a session “Tradeshow Turnaround: The Simple Formula that Converts Trade Shows from ‘Expensive Appearances’ to ‘Profitable Investments,’” presented by Jefferson Davis, president of Competitive Edge. Davis’ training and consulting firm’s mission is to teach businesses ways to more effectively use exhibiting to support core business objectives and generate measurable financial value. Since 1991 he has worked with hundreds of exhibiting companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500, and has trained over 100,000 marketing and sales personnel.

Registration is open to qualified independently owned “brick and mortar” juvenile retail stores. Incentives for retailers include a lodging card, booth crawl tickets, and special “Smokin’ Super Deals” available during the event. Brixy, the trade association for specialty retailers, will hold its member meeting on Tuesday, May 10.

Register today by contacting Amanda Francis at 210/ 691-4848, extension 113 or by visiting

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