Innobaby offers EZ Pop freezer trays with lids

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Innobaby offers its Preppin’ Smart EZ-Pop freezer trays with lids to help caregivers freeze and save children’s meals and snacks for future use.
Prepared baby purees, herbs, spices, and breastmilk can be easily frozen in these trays that come with lids. The BPA-free ice cube base allows each unit to be easily popped out of the tray.

Two tray models are available – the Mini which features 30 5-oz. cubes and the Jumbo which features 12 3-oz. cubes.

Also available are the Preppin’ Smart EZ Lock containers which come in a three-pack. The BPA-free plastic units are available in 3-oz. round and 4-oz. square three-packs. The plastic units are stackable, stain-resistant, and space-saving containers featuring removable silicone seals and are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. Three-packs of glass storage containers with 5-oz. capacity is also available.

Innobaby also offers stainless divided children’s dining platters, bowls, cups, spoon and fork sets, stainless lunch and snack boxes.

For more information call 847/ 387-8777 or visit

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