Show Case: Creative Brands Promote Active Imaginations

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 By David G. Gaunt
 Udoo Planet Populated by Functional Wearables 
At the recent KidShow at Bally’s Las Vegas, I discovered a whole new world of fun, functional wearables from Udoo Planet (pronounced “You do”). Their boredom blasters provide limitless ways for kids to make their own changeable creations in hats, tees, bags, and backpacks. Powered by children’s imaginations, they can make them like they love ‘em, from top to totes.
The Canadian-brand Udoo offers a range of wearable activities created by veteran doll designer Joanna Kopplinger. My favorites in the collection are the Newdo hats, festooned with multi-bright, wacky felt strips that can be braided, tied, knotted, and tweaked into dredlocks-inspired faux hairstyles. Tween girls and younger love and collect them.
I also admire the creativity of the Udoo Tees that do double duty with 3-D graphics that feature a shoulder purse that can be opened to store treasures, or a backpack graphic with a real flapped storage pouch. The Udoos product galaxy also includes FlippMitzs gloves/puppets, monster mash-up Boodo caps, and FlipPakz waist totes.
For more details about Udoo Planet Creations, LLC, contact or phone 800-699-1096.
Happisnappi Clicks with Interchangeable Accessories
I am impressed with Designer/Owner Karlee Ohm’s new HappiSnappi collection that premiered at KidShow Las Vegas. Her concept is simple (genius), versatile, fashionable, and fun. She offers a wide variety of snap-on/off floral embellishments that easily attach to the brand’s headbands, knit hats, necklaces, hair clips, and more. They are packaged in handicraft kits of coordinating colors, florals, and accessories. Perfect for parties, with the built-in collect-’em-all appeal.
As a child therapist, Karlee was inspired by both her beautiful young daughter and a desire to provide wearable accessories that promote self-expression and creativity. In a snap, any outfit, hairdo, and girl looks pretty happy! It’s also commendable that for every hat purchased, HappiSnappi donates another to a children’s hospital.
In a quick click, HappiSnappi should register with a “ka-ching” for retailers looking for a unique way to make girls smile. For more information, contact
Bobbi-Toads IS a Dream Come True
After meeting Bob and Jacki Stanley at the FN Platform Show, I am a believer that dreams do come true in surprising ways. The concept, brand name, design, and specific charity to support through Bobbi-Toads all came to him in a Technicolor dream. Even more amazing is that Bob followed his prophetic dream and made it a reality.
Bobbi-Toads casual and fun footwear combines comfort, flashy fashion, do-it-yourself creativity, blinking-bling, nail paints, and all-over designs with a mod vibe, bright neon colors and playful pop-art reminiscent of the 1960s. The shoes feature embossed “toes” in the rubber cap. On the original Paintables models, girls paint each toe with any nail polish, which is easily removable for creating pretty little piggies to the squealish delight of girls and their friends.
The new Light Ups by Jacquelynn Rae include LED lights on each toe that put on a show with every step. For even more design options, Bobbi-Stickers are available for both styles. To support more dreams coming true for children, the company donates 30 percent of all profits to charity.
For more information about this innovative footwear, contact or 847-507-0271 or 855-B UY-TOADS.
Twirly Girl Takes Joy for a Spin
As a dad, I know that girls love to twirl, turn, spring around, and dance until dizzy with fall-down delight. Twirly Girl designs limited-run, reversible, made-in-USA dresses and skirts that can’t help but make girls’ turn around in a dervish fantasy of colorful, ultra-comfortable, seamless, never-wanna-take-it-off silky fabrics
While taking a spin around the recent MAGIC Playground, I met CEO/Designer Cynthia Jamin whose rainbow bright Twirly Girl collection with reversible fabrics made me stop to see and feel more. She visually captures the joy of a young girl’s dreams of graceful dancing. Seeing the dresses in “action,” twirling young misses transform in a kaleidoscope of colors and designs, an attention-grabbing whirl of pure imagination and innocence. Wearing an heirloom-quality Twirly Girl creation jump starts and energizes a girl’s need to put twirling into overdrive.
If young fashion-forward girls come into your store, be ready to have them take Twirly Girl for a whirl. For more information regarding the high-quality sewing, creative process and love in each stitch, go to
About David Gaunt
David Gaunt has provided services to the juvenile products and children’s fashion industry for over 35 years as a journalist, public relations manager, marketing and creative director and advertising sales director. 

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