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By Caletha Crawford

Yes, your business is highly visible on social media, but your marketing efforts are half-baked if they don’t include newsletters. Your strategy could go from feast to famine if Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter decide to change or limit when, how, or to whom it will display your posts. And, if a new social media platform becomes the flavor of the month, it could leave you scrambling. Here are some tips to help you spice up your subscription numbers, create a healthy open rate, and fatten up your click counts.

Offer a Carrot
Most fans won’t simply sign up for your newsletter because you present them with a link. You’ve got to whet their appetites with something appealing. Try serving up a discount on their next purchase or bonus points in your loyalty program. Or stir up extra excitement by featuring fan pics in each edition. Moms will eat it up—but they’ll have to subscribe to see their cuties and share their 5 minutes of fame.

Sweeten the Appeal
Now that you’ve got them to the table, think about how to keep them indulging in your content. Having a long list of newsletter subscribers that don’t open your emails is an unsatisfying accomplishment. Keep their attention by forking over some subscriber-only content or giving them advanced notice on sales, promotions, and contests.

Give Them Something to Chew On
Make your content meaty with balanced portions of store-specific news, product updates, and additional info of interest. Advertise your freshest merchandise, and give fans a taste of what’s to come with pictures of pre-orders. Put things like local kid-friendly events on the menu, and feed their need for inspiration with features on how to copy looks from their favorite style stars. And, don’t forget to include calls to action to egg on those click-throughs to your site.

Pepper It Into Your Other Promotions
Keep the list growing by promoting your newsletter across your social media channels. Tease fans with little bites of info on what’s in an upcoming edition. Highlight your carrot. And make subscribing a bonus entry in your contests.

Keep it on the front burner
If your newsletter is a meal, don’t make fans wait too long between courses. Cook up a schedule, and send emails consistently. Done right, your fans will be hungry for your next update.

Editor’s Note: Caletha Crawford is a children’s wear consultant and co-founder of FlutterSales.com, an off-price B2B marketplace where stores buy immediates direct from brands. Find her at www.calethacrawford.com

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