BabyComfyCare offers Baby ComfyNail™

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BabyComfyCare™, a brand focused on safe and comfortable baby care, recently introduced its BabyComfyNail™. Featuring a patented single-blade technology the clipper is designed to not cut a child’s skin. This is the first nail clipper designed to prevent baby’s skin from getting cut.

The unique nail clipper design is a reinvention of the baby nail clipper. The bottom ledge extends out slightly so you can’t cut too close to the sensitive nail bed. The smooth bottom ledge lasts through thousands of cuts.

Larger than standard clippers design, BabyComfyCare is easier to hold and operate. Caregivers can attach a lanyard to keep the clipper within reach when it is needed.

BabyComfyCare also offers clothes, teething items, and health, bathing, and grooming items.

For more information call 303/ 241-8115 or visit

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