Veranda Outdoors offers Snowstopers® mittens, gloves

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Veranda Outdoors, based in Haverhill, MA, offers SnowStoppers® mittens and gloves. For seven years the company as built a reputation by offering the best outdoor products available in a variety of areas including in apparel and accessories for snow, cold, swimming, sun, and rain.

The newest product line from Veranda Outdoors is the SnowStoppers® patented Stay-On Mittens & Gloves. Using an extra-long cuff to ensure both security and increased protection from snow, SnowStoppers® Mittens and gloves allow children to stay warmer and play longer in cold and snowy weather.

Several varieties of Snowstoppers® are available, including the Snowstoppers® Nylon Mitten, available in 12 different colors and four sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large), as well as an extra small model. In addition, Snowstoppers® Waterproof Fleece Mittens are available in four sizes and in four different color varieties. Also available are the Snowstoppers® Ski and Snowboard Gloves, offered in five sizes with seven different color options.

Last on the list of Snowstoppers® products is the Convertible Flip-Top Mittens, dubbed “The e-Mitt” because they make it easy to flip the top of the mitten off to use a phone while wearing them. E-mits come in black in both large and small sizes.

For more information call 978/ 919-8020 or visit

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