Shelfie creates safe bathtime play space

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For as long as there have been bathtubs and toddlers, there have been moms and dads beside the tub with a yucky, soppy towel, catching the overflow. There have been slips and falls and bumps. Toddlers make do using the bathtub ledge for play space, creating wet floors and often dangerous situations.\

Shelfie—a bathtub tray for safer play—adheres to the outer wall of the tub and contains the drips and large amounts of water that end up outside the tub when toddlers are at play. It creates additional play and holding space for cups, toys, and washcloths—any of the things that inspire and delight little ones who love to play in the tub! Shelfie fits at a slight angle so that water drains back into the tub. It is not designed to hold a child.

Created by Joy Jones after facing the frustration of her two daughters splashing during bathtime. Her product was one of eight products recognized as part of the Huggins MomInspired Grant Program for 2014.

For more information call 804/ 652-9114 or visit

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