nfanttech smarttemp uses Bluetooth tech

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When fever strikes, Infanttech’s new smart temp provides parents a high tech way to track a child’s temperature through their smartphone. Using Bluetooth technology, a parent can observe a baby without disturbing them when checking their temperature.

Using a traditional digital thermometer requires parents to frequently monitor a child’s temperature manually, and especially at night. This can cause stress, sleeplessness, and exhaustion for parents and often causes the child to feel uncomfortable and resistant.

Smarttemp allows a parent to track body temperature continuously in real time via a smartphone and receive alerts when the temperature rises beyond a set threshold. In addition, Smarttemp can provide medicine reminders when it’s time for another dose. The temperature graph can also easily be shared with a physician.”

The temperature monitor is easy to place under an infant’s arm with an adhesive pad (included). It can be used for up to 24 hours at a time and is designed for multiple uses. Smarttemp comes with the thermometer, a carrying case, 10 adhesive pads, and has up to a 3-year battery life with no charging required.

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