Abstract design is basis for Rubes and Beasty

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Rubes and Beasty is a clothing line that creates modern designs for little boys inspired by girly items such as butterflies, seashells, and flowers. Focusing on children’s clothing in sizes 0 months to 6T, Rubes and Beasty provide clothing that is playful and modern.

Most clothing in the line is tri-blend shirts, cotton shirts, organic cotton shirts, and zip-up hoodies, all made in the United States. The shirts are screen printed on the front and back to create a more dynamic wearable piece.  Pants, sweatshirt vests, and long-sleeve dress shirts are being planned as additions to the line.

The butterfly, SEEshell, and Bloom collections take their inspiration from the natural world, but designs are abstracted so that the unique patterns allow the viewer to determine for themselves what the pattern resembles.

The Rubes and Beasty clothing line were created after Michelle Wise grew tired of looking for modern and edgy clothing for her son. A commercial interior designer by trade with a love for modern design, Michelle chose to create abstracts of what is normally feminine in the masculine line for infant, toddler, and grade school boys.

For more information visit www.rubesandbeasty.com.

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