Color and Me!

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Written and illustrated by Michaela Dias-Hayes, Kane Miller, A Division of EDC Publishing, 2023

Color and Me!, Michaela Dias-Hayes’ debut book as both author and illustrator, promotes a powerful message on embracing who you are and celebrates the joy of discovery, self-expression, and creating art.

So much more than an introduction to colors and color mixing, Color and Me! offers parents and caregivers many opportunities to interact with young children as they read the story aloud. The heroine of Color and Me! shares the colorful things that are special to her, which can inspire the listening child to reflect on color in their world and what their own favorites might be. The warm relationship between the child and her grandmother can naturally prompt a conversation about the special people in the listening child’s own life.

The heroine of Color and Me! is empowered by the discovery that every color is special … just as each one of us is … whatever the color of our skin or outward appearance. We may have our own preferences, traditions, and experiences, but each of us brings our special uniqueness to the rainbow of humanity.

Michaela Dias-Hayes was inspired to write Color and Me! after a series of conversations she had with her own young son while he was mixing paints. As a book creator with a part-Jamaican heritage, Ms. Dias-Hayes strives to accurately portray black and brown characters and place them within stories that explore and celebrate black heritage in an accessible way.

Gift the beautiful Color and Me! along with finger or watercolor paints to the child in your life to encourage them to embark on a color-mixing journey of their own! It can provide a wonderful way for them to learn about colors, appreciate beauty, express their emotions, and tap into their own creativity and uniqueness.

Kane Miller offers a complete line of gorgeous award-winning children’s books from around the world. For over 35 years, Kane Miller has brought the children of the world closer to each other by sharing stories and ideas and exploring cultural differences and similarities. Learn more about Kane Miller at Direct purchase inquiries to EDC Publishing, 800.475.4522,

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