What makes a great baby shower gift?

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Most would agree a gift that’s cute, practical and unique steals the show.

Tasty Tie is an innovative 3-in-1 accessory that checks all the boxes of a great shower gift. It’s a clip on baby tie, crinkle toy and silicone teether that parents praise!

7 Reasons Parents Love To Gift Tasty Tie:

  1. It clips to any outfit (not just for button downs). Let’s be honest, babies drop teethers a lot. Tasty Tie spares them and their parents the frustration.
  2. Babies love the crinkle insert that allows them to self-entertain while they self-soothe (or while parents take a breather!)
  3. The fabric absorbs drool. Excess drool caused by teething can get messy!
  4. It’s washable. After heavy use, put it in the washing machine then tumble dry low.
  5. It’s fashionable! Parents love putting their babies in it for church, outings, events or wherever the attire is formal.
  6. Choose your design! With 10 different patterns to choose from, gifters can match any style or season.
  7. Tasty Tie is great in the car, stroller, high chair or traveling. Anywhere parents need their babies to be self-sufficient for a little while.

6 Reasons Retailers Love To Carry This Gift:

  1. Our product is unique in that it’s a cute fashion accessory and practical teething toy. We sell best when placed with boy clothing, instead of teethers and pacifiers.
  2. Because it compliments clothing, it’s a great upsell! For those shopping for baby boy apparel, expect to see an increase in average order value.
  3. Boys are lacking accessories in the marketplace, making the boy-leaning nature of our product a positive for retailers.
  4. It’s a popular addition to baby gift baskets, something professional gifters take pride in.
  5. What do you do when you see a baby wearing a tie? OoOo and aww! Don’t be surprised if your customers are asked where they got it and refer people to your store.
  6. At a quick glance consumers understand what the product is, the value of it, and that it’s unique, cute and practical. The product sells itself.

“Gave it as a baby shower gift. Every mom there wanted one! Great for that baby who goes to church – dresses in a tie every time” – Teresa G, March 2022

Baby shower gifters get satisfaction for discovering a good idea and sharing it with everyone at the party. Let Tasty Tie be that great idea for your store and smile as they fly off the shelves!

You can order Tasty Ties directly with their team via email dan@tastytie.com or through their marketplace tastytie.faire.com.

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