Swado Swaddle

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The silently adjustable swaddle seems have became a trade secrete within the circle of newborn care professionals. Swado swaddles is unlike other swaddles because it has no zippers nor Velcro, yet adjustable. Parents can position their baby’s arms in the most natural position that baby prefers. Some more sensory acute babies like to be snugged tightly, while some stronger gross-motor muscle babies like wiggling rooms. Swado swaddle gives parents the flexibility to adjust according to what their babies like that particular sleep. The large fastening area of soft fabric fastener, GoodCatch, enables versatile arm positioning. Let it be arms in or arms out, one arm in for transition, or fingers close to baby’s mouth for self-soothing, Swado swaddle got your baby covered.

The same unique fabric fastener is also used in Swado bodysuits and infant vests / preemie gowns to replace the buttons and ties. Parents can open and close in one swift motion.

Wholesale Purchase Information  Minimum Purchase Order of 40pcs per size per style: 50% off retail + shipping.  Minimum Purchase Order of 10pcs of mixed size and styles: 30% off retail + shipping

Email inquiry to: judy@swado.co

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