What is a Skadoosie?

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To put it simply, Skadoosie was invented to provide healthy and sustainable clothing for newborns, while also showcasing how safe and effective the Skadoosie line is for modern day parents. From it’s Patented No Snap design, USA Organic soft fabric (chemical free) to the handmade craftsmanship (USA Made) where comfort & ease of use aligns for baby & caregivers. These unique bodysuits utilize baby soft hook & loop fasteners that easily attach & adjust for growing baby on the front and sides, and a rear diaper check slot that eliminates the smell test. Genius!

Parents Magazine Editors Pick 2018 article titled “Why didn’t we think of that?” gave Skadoosie a catalyst to go on and win numerous awards including The National Parenting Seal of Approval and Mom’s Choice Award Gold.

The brainchild behind Skadoosie is Janet DeMaria, interior designer turned inventor and entrepreneur. By a twist of fate following the passing of her husband she decided to start babysitting. After a frustrating day with changing diapers (darn snaps) & outfits that go over a newborns head (ouch!), she wanted to develop a simpler solution to the traditional bodysuit. Her designer instinct kicked in and numerous prototypes later the Skadoosie was born. A friend once said to her “only you can turn babysitting into an award winning company”. And that she did, but that wasn’t enough. She also wanted to give back to the community somehow and chose the non-profit Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation (MARF) to find a cure for Asbestos Cancer, which her husband passed from. So every purchase not only helps the environment by starting baby off healthy & happy, it also  educates the public on the dangers of Asbestos and the need to ban it in the US by rounding up your purchase to donate. Her line of preemie Skadoosies with lead line access aids in keeping babies covered in the NICU and at home. Personalization of Skadoosies is available upon request.

Janet has been featured in P.O.W.E.R. magazine earning her a Lifetime Achievement Award & Woman of the Month.

National Digest & Fox 40 picked up her story. You can read the articles, listen to radio interviews & shop Skadoosies @



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