All diapers are not created equal.

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The same holds true for diaper pails and diaper pail refills too. Prince Lionheart’s DIAPER TWIST’R® is the culmination of years of research, design, engineering and a commitment to putting an end to dirty diapers burning a perma-stench into noses and nurseries everywhere. And they do so masterfully. In fact, it can be argued that you aren’t buying a diaper pail; rather, you’re buying fresh air.

Once you drop a diaper into the Diaper Twist’R, you will never smell it again. End of story. Our patented diaper pails utilize the TWIST Technology™ to keep your nursery fresh. Simply toss, turn and forget without getting your hands dirty. No kneeling, no cutting, no tying. Ever. High capacity bags hold more than a week of dirty diapers and then removes quickly without allowing any odors to escape the specially-designed odor-trapping bags. As if an odor free nursery weren’t enough, it is also kinder to the environment, which is important to us. Though we make plastics, we strive to go green wherever we can: cardboard collars, recycled plastics, less corrugated packaging, fewer truckloads, less greenhouse emissions, and the bags are made at home right here in the USA. Rest assured, you can breathe easy with our Diaper Twist’R, and your nose will thank you.

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