Joovy RooLoop Newborn Safety Band: A Parenting Must-Have and Maternity Bag Essential

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The patented design of joovy’s RooLoop Newborn Safety Band is clinically proven to reduce the risk of infant falls in the home during breastfeeding or skin-to-skin sessions.

One of the Newborn Must-Haves For PostPartum Parents

In partnership with the exclusive skin-to-skin product of La Leche League International, the technology behind the RooLoop Newborn Safety Band is used in hospitals, operating rooms for c-sections, and NICUs worldwide. The patented support band is now the go-to for new parents who want to take advantage of the health benefits of skin-to-skin contact but with added security for the baby.

Newborn Falls: An Underreported, Growing Problem.

Between 600 to 1,600 newborn falls occur in hospitals across the US each year, according to a 2010 Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety. These numbers relate only to in-hospital incidents and don’t reflect the vast number of baby drops that also occur in the domestic setting once parents have returned home with their newborn baby.

Most concerning is a rapid growth in the incidence of newborn falls, with in-hospital drops and falls increasing by 600% over the last decade as more mothers are encouraged to try breastfeeding and practice skin-to-skin with their babies.

“Baby safety has always been the number one priority across all joovy products,” says Rob Gardner, President and CEO of joovy. “It is a natural evolution of our brand to incorporate the RooLoop Newborn Safety Band. A product that makes it easier, safer, and more comfortable for baby and caregiver to enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of skin-to-skin contact.”

Manufactured in partnership with the clinically-endorsed Joeyband™, the RooLoop Newborn Safety Band is designed specifically with domestic use by postpartum parents in mind. Its soft, stretchy elastic holds newborn babies close in safe skin-to-skin positions and provides an unparalleled mimicking of the womb for ultimate comfort and to help prevent falls.”

Parents Can Practice Safe Skin-to-Skin Positions

A half-sitting, half-lying down position allows caregivers to relax with their baby while always being able to see their face. The semi-recumbent posture helps keep the baby laying securely on the caregiver’s torso and ensures the tiny airways remain clear and unobstructed.

Use A Newborn Support Product To Secure Baby In Place

A skin-to-skin product like the joovy RooLoop Newborn Safety Band keeps the baby safe from slips or falls while providing the comforting close feel of the womb.

From stimulating milk production when breastfeeding to regulating a baby’s heartbeat and boosting infant oxygen saturation, skin-to-skin contact after birth and in the early postpartum period has proven to have extensive benefits for both parent or caregiver and newborn.

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