Cotier Perfect for Baby Showers

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Founded in 2017 by home entertaining enthusiasts Marx and Amber Succés, Côtier Brand is a lifestyle and party brand devoted to creating remarkable moments and celebrations that are truly memorable. The company’s collection of imaginative party goods, games, stationery and gifts are uniquely designed to spark meaningful connection, provide ridiculous fun for all ages, and lessen the stress that comes with hosting a party.

No matter the occasion, Côtier Brand’s unique and show-stopping products add a special touch of fun to any gathering. From the first-ever collection of conversation starting napkins to a series of quirky themed scratch- off lottery games, Côtier Brand has everything you need to make your party the talk of the town with minimal effort, maximum style and absolutely no mess.

Côtier Brand is a lifesaver when it comes to throwing the best baby shower ever. If you’re ever hosted or attended a baby shower, you know how important it is to have the right games! If you are in need of some simply beautiful party supplies, be sure to check out Côtier Brand’s collection of baby shower games, tableware and décor.

Convokins® – Conversation Starter Napkins ($24.99): The world’s first conversation starter game in a napkin form. These thought-provoking napkins will allow for your guests to become deeply engrossed in a meaningful conversation. Convokins are also available in cocktail size.

Did Baby Poopie?® – Baby Shower Poop Emoji Scratch-off Game ($11.99): A unique baby shower scratch off game that gets everyone laughing. Imagine having a game that is perfect for door prizes, ice breakers, and other games needing a randomized winner. Côtier’s trademarked never before seen game is guaranteed to have your guests laughing no matter what age they are.

Did Baby Poopie?® Baby Shower Poop Emoji Lottery Game – Brown Baby Edition ($11.99): In order to play, you simply hand out the lottery tickets and ask your guests to scratch out the baby’s diaper. The guest that reveals a poop emoji under the diaper wins the prize.

Funny Thank You Cards Assortment ($25.99) Each assortment pack includes 42 cards that creatively say thank you to your guests.

Mimosa Bar Kit ($24.99) This 97-piece Mimosa Bar Decoration Kit is sure to elevate your next bash in minutes! With beautiful watercolor florals and pre-printed gold foil signage details throughout the decoration kit, it creates an impression that you spent way more time curating the look then you did. Allow your guests to gravitate towards your elegantly decorated mimosa bar and enjoy mixing their own mimosas.


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