The Butterfly Swaddle was born about 3 years ago

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The Butterfly Swaddle was an idea born a little over 3 years ago. The goal was to develop a safe, high-quality, organic, versatile swaddle unlike any other that helps parents get their babies sleeping for longer stretches. I’m a Registered Nurse, a Certified Newborn Care Specialist, and a mom of 4. I used my 20+ years of experience to develop a unique, all-in-one swaddle and transitioning system. No corners were cut, no expenses were spared to develop the perfect swaddle.

The Problem: Babies are born with a Moro Reflex (aka startle reflex) which results in babies waking themselves. Furthermore, as babies grow, they require assistance in transitioning them from being fully swaddled, to partially swaddled, and finally, to not be swaddled at all as they get close to rolling over. To add to the problem, the many swaddles out there fail to provide the quality, effective/user-friendly design, and versatility that every swaddle should have. The most common complaint from sleep-deprived parents is that the swaddle they are using does not keep their baby bundled throughout their active sleep cycles and thus, allows the baby to wake themselves with the startle reflex that the swaddle is meant to slow. The Butterfly Swaddle was designed to address these areas that every swaddling parent is lacking in the current market!

The Butterfly Swaddle features patented mesh wings under the sleeves to slow the baby’s startle reflex mentioned above. The removable wrap features “silent Velcro” hook and loop material that enables caretakers to adjust the wrap’s snugness without waking the baby or scratching their delicate skin. Furthermore, the wrap is designed to empower caretakers to use it in a wide variety of ways according to their baby’s ever-changing needs, giving The Butterfly Swaddle a versatility score that is unmatched by any other swaddle system. Combine all features above with the swaddle being organic, buttery-soft, and made with the utmost quality, this is a swaddle that has earned Khloe Kardashian describing it as “Faboosh” (The Kardashians, S2, E1).

It is offered in 10 colors across two sizes, Small and Medium/Large. Small is perfect for babies 7 to 12 lbs. However, due to the stretchiness of the material, babies as small as 5 lbs (including preemies) and as big as 14 lbs, can still take advantage of this size. Medium/Large swaddles are geared towards babies who are 12 to 17 lbs, but they still work for babies as small as 9 lbs; The overlap is perfect for growing bundles of joy!


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