A Baby Shower Present that will remain meaningful for years

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A baby shower present that will remain meaningful through every developmental milestone is ideal. Plushible Blanket Bestie is an exceptional choice for parents searching for a cozy, sensory-stimulating companion for their child. As an extra-large plush toy, the product contains something better than filling—a huge premium ultra plush blanket. Whether your little one is settling in for a nap, needing comfort and companionship, or embarking on a journey, the Blanket Bestie will surely provide the security and support they need!

The Blanket Besties collection features a variety of oversized styles – Bunny, Bear, Fox, Frog, Owl, Pink Dog, Blue Dog, and more options. When you stuff the included blanket into the stuffed animal, it becomes pleasantly weighted, making it an ideal choice for babies progressing from tummy time to sitting and for older children transitioning to greater autonomy. In addition, all facial features are beautifully embroidered for the safety of children of all ages. Give your tot a more sensory-driven experience; this collection features various fabric textures.

  • Embossed Fabric Textures
  • Ribbed Corduroy Textures
  • Buttery Smooth Minky Textures
  • Smooth Nylon Textures

In a matter of seconds, you can unzip the back of the stuffed animal to reveal a luxuriously plush blanket that offers double sensory stimulation and comfort! Each blanket measures 42″ L x 31″ W and is ideal for exploring sensory and environmental experiences or staying cozy and safe while traveling or napping. It features dual sensory fabrics, including.

  • Embossed Fabric Textures
  • Buttery Smooth Minky Textures

The Blanket Besties features a calming yet imaginative array of muted hues, such as browns, greys, oranges, blues, greens, yellows, and pinks. Studies have indicated that these tones offer a soothing atmosphere, inspiring children to take the initiative and use their imaginations. The quality fabric of Plushible products is conveniently easy to clean – place the stuffed animal and blanket separately in the washer and dry by air or tumble.

It is safe to say that this product will grow with their children throughout the years to come.

For more information please contact sales@orangesonions.com.

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