Little Biscuit Notepads for Kids

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Little Biscuit notepads are a glimpse into the simplicity of the past, when kids were creating with pencil and paper rather than ipads. Kids have something to say. Quite a lot actually and Little Biscuit aims to create products that encourage little ones to dream, play, experiment, create and explore. Each notepad is made of very high quality paper that can withstand any art supply littles might use to design around a diverse range of characters that showcase the variety of humanity.

Founded and designed by influencer Hannah Carpenter, these notepads are maybe the chicest coloring option around for littles!

These notepads are HOURS of entertainment for kids and parents alike as you can color or paste outfits and scenes around the characters. Each notepad cost between $12-$16 dollars making it a great gift. Perfect to bring along to keep littles busy on an airplane or a long car ride.

Samples for editorial inclusion are available upon request.

PERFECT for holiday gift guides and with affiliate links to boot (from ShoutOut)

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