Love To Dream™ Organic Gift Set

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Need advice for a truly thoughtful, useful baby shower gift? Are you expecting? Do you have any idea what to put on your baby registry? There are so many good baby products out there. One of the more important choices is, for nap and nighttime sleep, to swaddle the baby, as recommended by doctors. But traditional swaddling with baby’s arms firm along the sides or even over the chest is not the best. Babies are trying to get out of the swaddle to get their arms up and free. The globally award-winning Love To Dream brand is launching an ecologically and socially responsible Organic Gift Set. It contains two Organic Swaddle UP swaddles, size Newborn, made from 100% organic cotton, one in a Night Sky design in a unisex mint color and one in solid cream with mint piping. The patterns are unisex, perfect for both baby boys and girls. The swaddles are made from GOTS certified fabric, 100% organic cotton, soft towards baby’s delicate skin. (GOTS = Global Organic Textile Standard).

There is no learning curve! Swaddling with Love To Dream, there is no need to practice how to make the perfect “burrito”. At nighttime, especially, you will appreciate the double zipper, making diaper changes a breeze. In the middle of the night, after feeding, no need to take off the swaddle. With all the advantages of the Swaddle UP sleep bag, the Arms UP design delivers more sleep for the whole family, already from day one. 99% of parents would recommend the Swaddle UP to friends and family!

In the beautifully packaged box, other than the two swaddles, there are also 30 milestone cards, highlighting significant milestones in the first year.

It is a perfect gift, kind on the environment and giving baby and parents the Gift of Sleep.


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