Maighan Distribution BIBS Danish Baby Brand of Bibs

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BIBS is a premium Danish baby brand established in 1978 best known for the iconic round Colour pacifier with a history of more than 40 years. The pacifiers have been refined several times during the years, and today we offer all types of nipples on the market – only made of the best and safest material possible.

All our products are carefully designed and manufactured in Denmark only using the best materials to secure that we meet correct requirements regarding tests and certifications – for both parents and little ones to be safe. We always have the highest standards when choosing both materials and the right suppliers and we urge to go the extra mile to find the right ones, as we thrive to be as green as possible in everything we do.

We are a visionary company with a creative and progressive mindset with high standards for quality and uniqueness with a strong focus on functionality and safety in a colorful universe.

Colors are the very DNA of BIBS. We want to contribute to a colorful beginning for children all around the world with a constant flow in our colorful assortment. We align with current fashion trends and our pacifiers compliment every baby’s seasonal outfit.

With the highest regard for functionality, safety and the environment, our wide range of products gives little ones a colorful beginning to life. We believe that personal expression is key, and with our wide range of colors, we ensure that there is something for every taste.

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