Lalaboom Animal Beads

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Juratoys US is proud to include Lalaboom in its collection of French-designed toys. Lalaboom beads offer children the opportunity to discover and develop their skills, one step at a time. Large beads screw in, clip, assemble and lace up allowing little ones to build endless colorful combinations, while developing new motor skills. This year, Lalaboom introduces Coco the squirrel, Birdy the bird and Bizou the Bee in four different products. The Gift Set of 25 pieces comes in a lift-up box with windows that reveal these three new animals. So much fun and discovery await children 10 to 36 months. The Lalaboom range offers dozens of bead sets in a variety of formats – totes, buckets, tubes and gift sets. Parents love these options, the dishwasher safe beads, PVC and BPA-free materials and official STEM accreditation.


Wholesale Ordering:
Juratoys US


F: 717-692-0574


Exhibit: All Baby & Child/ABC Kids Expo

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